Space Weather

Space weather is the study of how the space surrounding the Earth is affected by the sun’s violent activities such as coronal mass ejection, the influx of solar wind, and the eruption of a solar flare. If extremely high, these activities could paralyze GPS systems, electric power transmissions, and satellite communications. If you are in […]

Virtual Simulation Gravity and Orbits

We are going to explore simple harmonic motion through the PhET Pendulum Lab to find out the relationship between the mass of the bob, the length of the string, the period of the pendulum, and the total energy of the system with respect to the variation of the released angle. Open the PhET “Pendulum Lab” […]

Standards of Behavior and Conduct   

Chapter 5: Standards of Behavior and Conduct   Read Pages 51-56 (10 pts)1) On Pg. 58 Answer Question #3· REVIEW Table 5.2 Chapter 11: Legal and Ethical Considerations Read Pages 117-129(1 pt each)1) What are the 4 sources of law in US?2) What is FERPA?3) What is the difference between cheating and plagiarism?4) What is Informed Consent?5) What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual […]

Gravitational Potential Energy

A championship weight lifter did 1.10 ¥ 104 J of work on a set of barbells weighing 3680 N. How much gravitational potential energy did the barbells have at the maximum height of the lift?


A gas expands at constant pressure from an original volume of 2.0 L at 22 °C to a volume of 4.0 L. Calculate the new temperature?


An array of radio telescopes working at a frequency 3GHz is to be used to observe a galaxy which lies at a distance of 600Mpc. What size of array would be needed to resolve features in the galaxy with dimensions of 3kpc? Could these features be resolved by a large ground-based optical telescope?

Resultant Force

In Biomechanical study, researchers often use a force platform to analyze running performance. In the middle of Adam’s stance phase during a running stride, the force exerted by the ground on Adam’s right foot was -350x + 860y + 100z where +x = forward, +y = upward, and +z = lateral. a. What was the […]


How many fully submerged air filled massless balls of radius 0.1 m are necessary to raise a sunken ship of mass 50000000kg? Assume only 10% of 200000m^3 of its volume contributes to its buoyancy.

Acceleration Due to Gravity

King Kong is at the top of the new base on Mars, which is 75 m high. If the acceleration due to gravity is 3.7 m/s^2. Calculate how long it took him to reach the ground if he jumped with no initial velocity.