Essay Final

Write 5 separate essays that answer the 5 questions listed below. While you are writing a separate essay for each question, you must include all 5 essays in 1 document.  Compose each essay with at least 3 paragraphs. Make sure each paragraph is in the 8–10-sentence range. (That means that each essay must contain between […]

Dialogue Race Essay

Write a dialogue from the perspective of some of the authors we have read. Have them debate and discuss the relationship between race, art, and politics, with specific references to the text. Choose 2-3 pieces of pop culture and have the authors discuss them, drawing on the ideas and topics we have read. How do the artists […]

Stereotype Threat

1. What is stereotype threat? How might stereotype threat be applicable to you?

Constitution Vague

Why is our Constitution vague? What are the pros and cons of having a constitution that is written vaguely? Pick a “vague’ portion of the US Constitution. Has this vagueness in terminology been problematic or helpful? Provide historical examples. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at […]

Political Homework

This assignment will cover the readings for Module 11. For this assignment, you will need to answer the questions listed at the end. Please answer the questions in order (numbered) and in complete sentences. You do not need to write the question, but include the question number. DO NOT copy/paste part of the textbook/readings. Please […]

The Media

Prepare a 500-700 word APA style, including 3 sources. About MEDIA. Answering the following: 1. What are the different forms of media, which forms of media are more powerful (provide data to back up your position) 2. How has media changed over time 3. Explain the different ways the media influences public opinion. Select coverage […]

Mass Media

Attention All Students: Once again both Lesson # 3 and Lesson # 4 are mandatory, and you cannot skip them. All students must post at least one long post and two short posts for each of these two lessons. by their due dates. Once again you cannot skip this assignment. All students must read the […]

Political Science Paper

“In looking at 2016 Presidential Campaign what made the candidates of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump so Unusual? What were the strengths and weaknesses of both candidacies? What role, if any, did economic inequality play? Will these candidacies’ have a long-term impact on American Politics?”  – 6  pages, reference/work cited excluded.  – Double spaced,  […]

Codified and Un-codified Constitutions

expand on the part about why Canada has moved increasingly towards a codified constitution. The entire essay question is; What are the differences between codified(written) and uncodified(unwritten) constitutions? Give examples. Why do you think Canada has moved to an increasingly codified constitution? The essay needs to be 1000-1200 words.

Short Essay Choice

Short Essay, please Choose One: Why is the idea of liberal media bias so widespread?  Does it exist in practice and if so to what extent?  Why is the critique of liberal media misleading?   What are  major media bias and how do they impact content? Explain the rise of Donald Trump.  Include at minimum in […]