Is child depression possible?

“Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) on the suggested topic.Your introduction should include the thesis statement – main idea of the paper (here is more detailed explanation – Don’t include any new information in the conclusion. It should  restate the thesis statement of the paper.Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples (in-text […]


DQ 1How have historical shifts in the views of knowledge (epistemology) and reality (ontology) led to the development and growth in qualitative research? Try to identify some specific historical events and how they may have contributed to these shifts and the development of qualitative research.REFRENCESWeek 1: Historical Background and Philosophical ParadigmsRequiredBhattacharya, K. (2017). Fundamentals of […]

Pschology Homework Help

Consider the following scenario:Janie is a 34-year old mother of three. At present, she is separated from her husband of six years. Her children are Chloe, age seven, Devin, age four and Brenden, age two. Janie is a full-time mom and stays home to care for her children. She lives in a 3-bedroom apartment and […]

Personality and Technology

Write 3–5 pages in which you use a foundational psychological theory to solve a workplace issue. Choose an issue related to either a physical problem or a psychosocial issue focused on self, personality, and abnormal behavior in the workplace.In this unit, you will cover personality, the self, and how one presents himself or herself online. […]

Moral Dilemma relating to Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism

InstructionsFor this assignment propose a scenario where you or someone you know are confronted with a moral dilemma relating to cultural diversity and multiculturalism. It cannot be the same as what was covered in the week one discussion.Cultural diversity refers to religious, sexual, racial, and other forms of social difference. A moral dilemma is a […]

Describe combat trauma and its impact on identity.

It’s a movie that is continuously projected in my head. I can’t turn it off. Never could.—Bill Williams, World War II Veteran, Age 92 (personal communication, 2014)As much as serving in the military can become part of one’s identity, experiences from combat duty can leave lasting impressions and potentially damage one physically, emotionally, and psychologically. […]

Implications of Social Media

Research the effects of social media on a specific age group and write 3–5 pages in which you make a recommendation for future research on the topic.It is clear that few would dispute the fact that the Internet has had a significant effect on interpersonal communication and relationships. The big question often investigated with scientific […]

Psychology Sensation and Perception

Module 3 AssignmentIntroduction to Sensation and Perception Chapter 4 assignment:The purpose of this Homework Assignment is to provide you with an appreciation of the importance of “sensation and perception” and also provide you “hands on experience” in learning all about how we sense and perceive–and their relationship to psychology.”Caution – Always be sure to weave […]