Child Development

Instructions: This paper is designed to allow you to research any child developmental period of interest to you. Therefore, after you pick a period (ex. infant, toddler, early childhood, middle childhood or adolescence) you will be asked to research and report about the child’s physical, cognitive, socioemotional and cultural development. The following are some questions […]

Sexual Self Analysis

Write a 5-page sexual self-analysis, following the guidelines in the “Guide to Understanding Your Sexual Self” TO BEGIN, Think about specific things that you want to examine about yourself. You can choose from the list of questions below, or decide on your own questions. Be sure to include these questions, in bulleted form, in the […]

Diversity Lecture

create a post where you explore any diversity-related issues that you are planning to consider while writing your dissertation. You can think about the role of diversity and research in more general terms. The diversity points might pertain to your research topic and/or to your specific population of interest. Explore how your research might contribute […]

Major Substance Abuse

Write a 750-1,000-word paper on some of the major substances of abuse. Include the following in your paper: An explanation and discussion of three major substances of abuse based on your topical readings A discussion and explanation about which substances are considered more addictive than others A discussion of physical addiction, tolerance, and withdrawal

Sex Education in Schools

Read pages 371 – 373 in your text. People have vastly different opinions on the role and responsibility of schools to provide sex education. Teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are real problems facing our adolescent population. In some cases, the decision to engage in a sexual relationship is a life or death decision. References: […]

Developmental Psychology

Write about developmental psychology The article you use must be at least 3 pages long and be a primary or original research article. That is, it must be the first report of original experimental data generated by the authors (e.g., it has a method and results section). Secondary sources of information such as review articles, […]

Psychology Data

The normal distribution is notable for its ubiquity and its usefulness. Psychology data sets, when graphed in a histogram, commonly have a normal shape. Please write something you find interesting about the normal distribution and state why you find it interesting.

Research Paper on Stress Management and Emotions.

Research paper on stress management and emotions. •Please choose a topic related to stress, and/or emotions and the relationship to health and well-being, conduct a lit search and write a 3-5 page research paper. •Ideas/suggestions: •The relationship between exercise and stress reduction •Other stress reductions practices (i.e. mindfulness)

Psychological Disorders Discussion

Choose one of the psychological disorders discussed in modules 49-53 that interests you and address that disorder in this discussion board. You may not utilize or research PTSD; Eating Disorders; or Personality Disorders since these were addressed in another assignment/discussion board. Utilize at least one other reliable source, in addition to your textbook, and gather […]