Essay Set

Each “essay set” assignment comprises a set of three distinct essay question prompts designed to stimulate the student’s thinking and assess the knowledge gleaned from the textbook reading. Each essay question should be answered with a 2 to 3 page double spaced essay, but compiled and submitted as a single document (three essays for a […]

Jesus perspective

BIB 314 Signature Assignment: The culminating assignment for this course provides the opportunity for students to consider how the person, teaching, and ‘work’ of Jesus continue to impact the world today by using the text of Matthew and at least two other sources from the list below to respond to a specific situation. Students will […]

Hooks Summary

For each of these reading assignments, you should write a summary: Write a ONE page precis or summary of the author’s major arguments and main points. These written reflections should briefly state: What is the importance of each work, and what’s your assessment of it? What of value do you find here? Can you extend […]


4MAT Book Review Instructions Please use the following format in preparing 4-MAT Book Reviews: Title of Book: Pipes & Lee, Family to Family: chs. 4–6   Abstract. Summarize what you have read into 300 words (1 page). Prove you comprehend the readings by writing a thoughtful summary. The abstract is not a commentary or listing of topics but […]

Essay for CWV

In this assignment, you will assess your understanding of the Christian worldview, including the main topics you have covered up to this point. You will summarize and analyze the essential elements of the Christian worldview and reflect on implications for your own worldview. Write a 1,250-1,500-word essay using at least two course resources (textbook, topic […]

Methodical Bible study assignment

General Instructions and Information: For this Methodical Bible Study you will be studying Luke 19:1-10. Please answer each of the questions in this template. Be sure that you use the academic and scholarly sources that are noted at certain points in this template.   As you begin your study of Luke 19:1-10 please note the […]

Hebrew Bible based

Describe your favorite figure from the Hebrew Bible based on the readings/stories …Students will complete a standard research paper approximately 4 – 5 page paper (double-spaced, 1″ margins, reasonable font, with MLA citation)

Kraybill Paper

6.6 Kraybill Paper Discuss the following questions 1. Select a sentence or paragraph from Kraybill which you found provocative in a positive way, and explain why. (What did you agree with? What convicted you? Where did you think he raised an important point or issue? What did you enjoy?) 2. Select a sentence or paragraph […]

Create your own myth

We are almost done with the semester, and we have made our share of mistakes. Here is your opportunity to right those wrongs, if you need to. This is an extra credit discussion assignment- your post is basically a purely creative one. I would like you to write your own myth centered on the theme […]

Ethical Solutions to Environmental Issues

Activity 1: Discussion—Ethical Solutions to Environmental Issues Context Environmentalism is a global movement that is changing and challenging our assumptions about humanity’s relationship and responsibility for the earth. Religious traditions consider the earth as sacred and offer an eco-theological perspective about human relationship with the earth. Description Environmentalism deals with a number of issues that […]