The Bible Gospel Books

Choose just one of the two options below to complete this assignment. Option A Identify any historical purpose(s) behind the writing of Luke’s Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, and John’s Gospel. Include a reference to any historical factor mentioned in the recommended sources that may have triggered the writing of Luke’s Gospel, Acts of the […]

Role of Church in Trauma Counselling

The holy Bible should be the major tool with Christian books and articles. Guidelines attached. Title: “The role of the church in trauma counseling in crisis situation” Part I.    6 pages: Dissertation Proposal  leading to dissertation which is part II.The title of your Dissertation must represent subject matter that is directly related to your Major. […]

Biblical Foundations

Humility is considered a very important virtue in the Bible. Moses showed that humility is optimally possible by being singled out as the humblest person who ever lived. Accordingly, one of the Christian’s main duties is to walk humbly with God based on Micah 6:8. Jesus, too, declared in Matthew 18:4 (NKJV) that Christians should be […]

Write Your Own Mythology

write your own myth centered on the theme of katabasis (?????????, from ???? “down” and ????? “go”). So your own form of ‘descent’ – it can be a trip to the underworld, but ‘descent’ takes many forms- I would like you to run free with this concept. If you want to write your myth in verse, go ahead. If you create […]

Christian Principles Essay

The final version should be 1200 to 1800 words (approximately 4-6 pages).    Final Argumentative essay topics and deadlines (choose one of the following):  a) Defend or reject the thesis that every human person will be saved according to Christian principles Please use this as one of the sources: Humphries, Thomas L. Who Is Chosen?: Four […]

Bible Study

1. How did Luke edit/change Mark 14:3-9 to produce Luke 7:36-50 – and why?  2. How did Luke edit/change Mark 3:21,31-35 to produce Luke 8:19-21 – and why?

What is Islam Review

Your assignment must show two things: (1) that you give a concise summary of the first chapter of Ahmed’s book and each of the six questions he covers, and (2) that you reflect more closely on one of the questions. Since you need to reflect on one question, try to read Ahmed’s chapter with a […]

What Muslims Value in Islam

This is a research paper on what Muslims most value in the religion of Islam. that means what they most enjoy about Islam and what rules do they most strongly abide by. i would like you to add the questions and the info i received from the people I’ve interviewed about this topic including myself. […]

Vision for a Better World

Written Assignment—Vision for a Better World Context We can see that the study of religion and the challenges of which face various cultures can be addressed by exploring and determining one’s personal response/responsibility to these issues. Description It is possible to describe our vision for a better world by choosing something to work on which […]

Philip Yancey Book Review

Write a book review of the Yancey textbook. In this book review include: a. A summary of the book, giving a picture of the whole of Yancey’s argument (this summary should prove that you’ve read the entire book and have understood it). 2/3 of the paper b. A dialogue with the author, pointing out strengths […]