3D Printing in Robotic Arms

What is the capability of 3D printing robotic arm design in industrial engineering? 1. advantage,  2. disadvantage,  3. pro and contra,  4. why people use this instead of other(please specific what the other),  5.how long can this design be in the present era,  6. how can this project survive in the future) 

Building Construction Types

Overview of building construction types, including the various building types, designs of structures, and the application of the building and fire codes. Describe the effects of building construction in relation to firefighting operations, the hazards assisted with building types, and the effects of fire on each type. Finally, discuss building collapse and the awareness that […]

Physical Science Discussion

Living in South Florida has many advantages and also includes many disadvantages, including the persistent threat from hurricanes (https://www.c2es.org/content/hurricanes-and-climate-change/). From what you have learned from this class: What causes hurricanes? What destroys hurricanes? What are scientists saying about the link of climate change and hurricane activity? With regards to our growing population, especially along the cost, […]

Life on Another World

You will write a research paper on the possibility of life on a particular world; this can be a planet or moon in our solar system, or an exoplanet. After selecting a potentially habitable world and having it approved by your instructor, you will critically analyze the possibility that life exists there. The research will […]

Astronomy Essay Questions

Question 1)                             80 Points                                 ~ 200 Words What are the differences between the Apparent Magnitude m, and Absolute Magnitude M ?  The brightness of an object depends […]

Assembly and Rigging

I need 5000 words exact. 1. Explain the difference between center of pressure of an airfoil and center of gravity and which one is usually ahead of the other? 2. What is the aspect ratio of a wing? 3. Explain MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord)? 4. Explain when the forces of lift, drag, weight, and thrust […]

Video Response Critique

View the video.  Pay attention to phrases like scientific method, anecdotal, experts, statistics, etc. Write a response; critique; comment on your thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RDffMCAujg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The Space Race

1-In a paragraph explain how a rocket works and why they are used to explore space. 2-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain why the launch of Sputnik in 1957 starts the space race.  3-In 1+ paragraph(s) explain how the American and Soviet approach to organizing their space program differed and how this affected their chances of getting […]