Humanities Critique

Competency Formulate, express, and support individual perspectives on diverse works and issues. Instructions You will act as a critic for some of the main subjects covered in the humanities. You will conduct a series of short, evaluative critiques of film, philosophy, literature, music, and myth. You will respond to five different prompts, and each response […]

Child Neglect and Abuse Discussion

Discussion Board Forum 1 COLLAPSE The State of Missouri (2020) defines child abuse and neglect as non-accidental physical injury by those who are responsible for the child’s care and those responsible for care failing to provide support such as education, medical, nutritional, or any other means for a child well-being. Included also in abuse is, sexual abuse, emotional […]

Overview of Vietnam and Vietnamese

1) Explain about ethnic minorities in Vietnam. What kind of language and ethnic identities do they have? (850 WORDS) 2) Discuss about Vietnamese migrants in Japan. How are they socially integrating into the communities in Japan? Or, do they stay as “strangers” in the society, if so, how and why? (1100 WORDS)

How to Solve Stereotyping

Topic: Identify a “problem” relating to diversity and solve it First you need to identify a problem based on your own experience and interests. The problem could be as broad as “Why can’t we all just get along?” or as specific as “How can we get more women working in STEM fields?” The problem could […]

The Complexity of Social Security

Watch the video “America’s Aging Population” Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompts. Make certain to cite your sources in your posts. Research the topic of Social Security. Interview someone who receives Social Security benefits. As a result of your research and interview, what do you see as the link between […]

Caribbean Society Overview

Question 1 1. . The media have played a significant role in ’perpetuating hegemony’. How has this resulted in cultural erasure in Caribbean Societies. 2. It has been established that we are now in the information age a. Explain the concept information age ( 3 mks) b. Explain two ways in which the information age […]

Constitutional Change Discussion

In the Twentieth-Century the United States of America reached unprecedented heights of global respect and vision as a result of the country’s efforts to rid the world of oppression. World War II changed everything from manufacturing methods and materials from which products are made to corporate consolidation to fundamental societal changes. The post-war years further […]

Social Problems and Justice

When looking at Social Problems we cannot ignore the three main theories of sociology to analyze those social problems. Functionalist focus on the functions and dysfunctions of society, such as high cost of health cost of health care and social security to future generations. Conflict theories focus on societies parts for limited resources, or the […]

Child Abuse and Neglect

Write a brief description of the position you selected from the NASW policy statement on child abuse and neglect. Then, describe a policy initiative you might introduce to further that position. Finally, describe the policies that already exist in Georgia and explain how your initiative might alter these existing policies. Other sources to use:

Child Maltreatment Discussion

Assignment (5 double-spaced pages, APA format). In addition to a minimum of eight scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include: – A description of the current policy approach for addressing the social issue you selected – A description of the current policy goals for addressing the social […]