Federal Government’s Role in Protecting the Public’s Health

This week’s focus is on the federal government’s role in protecting the public’s health using the ACA and current efforts to “repeal and replace” the ACA. Please note that the government’s role in protecting the public’s health did not begin with the ACA. In the late 1800s, Lilian Wald brought health care to the community. […]

Interview of Administrator or District Test Coordinator

Interview of Administrator or District Test CoordinatorThis assignment is designed to expose the candidate to the Director/Coordinator of Testing as a career option. It is also designed to give the candidate a prospectus into the roles and responsibilities of a District Test Coordinator.Candidates will interview an administrator or test coordinator about the Mississippi Academic Assessment […]

Project Analysis

This Assignment must be completed using your research project and the chapters 8 and 9 of the textbook. Use APA 7th Edition format and no more than 3 pages in length Identify the benefits of sharing your action research with others. How does sharing your action research assist you in achieving your goal to improve […]

Discussion Week 1 post 2 (6301)

The early years of the 20th century were host to a number of unethical research studies. Research involving the way that a young child reacts to and generalizes fear responses, medical experiments conducted in concentration camps, and observing the way people respond to authority were just a few of the most famous experiments whose byproduct […]

San Diego City College Profile Presentation

San Diego City College Profile Presentation. At least 20 slides.If possible, please make slides in the school colorsBased on Power Point PresentationPresentation Required ElementsSchool Background• Brief History, Location, Demographic Information on Students, Composition of Faculty, SES of the residents surrounding the campusMission and Institutional Vision• How do these play into how the campus operates? Initiatives […]

Follow the Leader Part II: Progress Update

Assignment 3.1: Follow the Leader Part II: Progress UpdateThis assignment is the second of three assignments that guide you through the planning, implementation and follow-up processes to schedule a meeting with a local public health or healthcare leader that you have identified as a person you would like to meet with during this course. This […]

Reclaiming the American Dream:

400-500 wordsThe activities of this question are foundational to the discussion of issues and trends in community colleges. In the AACC’s 21st century initiatives, community college leaders are challenged with moving community colleges forward from the “Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future,” initiative to “Empowering Community Colleges To Build the Nation’s […]

Week 5 Discussion post 2 (6301)

This week’s video introduces you to the Hernandez family. Juan and Elena Hernandez are mandated to attend parenting classes. As part of the parenting classes, they are required to participate in both a pretest (taken before classes begin) and a posttest (taken after classes end). Pretests and posttests can yield very useful information. They can […]

Current events related to immigration reform

150 words in-text citations with reference1. Following current events related to immigration reform, a group of students came to school wearing t-shirts representing national flags from a variety of countries and were bullied by fellow students with a variety of racial and ethnic slurs. How would you respond to both groups? Be sure to cite […]

Three-part Advocacy Action Planning Assignment

This assignment is the first part of a three-part advocacy action planning assignment you will complete across the duration of this course. This series of assignments is a major part of your grade. In this first part, you will identify a public health issue and organization that you care about (PASSION) and an idea you […]