Social Organization Research

Select and research any organization of your choice and proceed to examine its vision, mission, objectives, organization structure and social processes. Guiding questions include and are not limited to: ·What is the nature of the organization selected? ·Does this organization frame a specific social problem, and exist as a means to “help”? Who are the […]

Chris Hayes Podcast Review

Find the “Why is this Happening? w/ Chris Hayes” podcast. Find the April 16, 2019 episode: “The Ghosts of a Dirty War with Patrick Radden Keefe.” Answer the Following Questions: Who does Keefe believe killed Jean McConville? What are the two religious denominations involved here?   What did Keefe mean by “the narcissism of minor differences?” […]

Sociology Paper Discussion

Find a recent newspaper or magazine article that illustrates an event or situation relating to social stratification that has occurred in the U.S. within the last couple of years (2016-2020).  The article must be from a major source, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, among […]

Social Stratification Discussion

Examine social stratification in either your own hometown or the town/city in which you now reside.  Conduct a driving route(or public transportation route) that will take you into a variety of neighborhoods that represent the six social classes.  You can probably secure census track data that will be particularly helpful for this project.  Drive through […]

Popular Culture and Social Problems

Answer two of the following questions: (Minimum total of 300 words) 1. According to Sternheimer, what is the larger issue behind focusing on or blaming media for various social problems? What does the author believe are the more important underlying issues? Why might politicians, the public, and the media itself be reluctant to discuss these […]

Predictor and Outcome Variable

This is a research methods class. Predictor and outcome variable. My predictor is MARITAL STATUS and my outcome variable is CONTINUED EMOTIONAL SECURITY/COMPANIONSHIP or HAPMAR (Happiness in Marriage) You will find both surveys in the GSS data link below and also attached to documents I submit. This Research proposal needs to have at least 3 […]

Professional Profile Creation

• Doyle, A. (2019, February 25). How to create professional online profiles. • Linaker, E. (n.d.). How to develop a digital presence for professional success. Entrepreneur. • Raj, N. (2018, September 1). How to write effective emails. The Writing Cooperative. • Spencer, L. (2017, December 29). The best free online presentation software tools for 2018.• […]

Deviant Activity

Find a current event article that reports on some deviant activity.. In the introduction of the essay, summarize the article. And then proceed to answer the following question. The required page length is at least 4 pages not including cover & reference pages. APA is required for this assignment.  Students will receive a Turnitin report on […]

Research Process Descriptive

According to the text, the research process follows a set of four steps including: hypothesize, operationalize, measure, and explain. Define whether the study you found is a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods design study. Identify the hypotheses or research questions (qualitative studies only include research questions). Briefly define the independent and dependent variables in measurable […]

Sociology Essay Question

Answer questions and respond to them in a coherent essay. 1. Explain what the term alienation means and identify the first sociologist to use it. Provide a detailed example illustrating a case of “alienation.” 2. Sociologists have offered several different explanations for the rise in the divorce rate in the U.S. in recent decades. Choose […]