Personal Trainer Case Study

You will be presented with two client profiles, and will be asked to design a 12-week periodized program for each client. In addition to describing the logistics of the program, you will also be asked to explain why you have designed the program the way that you have. Approach these clients as you would approach […]

physical fitness testing and assessment

OUTLINE FOR RESEARCH PROPOSAL   1.    INTRODUCTION (provide a broad yet meaningful of the subject matter under investigation) 2.    RESEARCH QUESTIONS (between 3-5 only and should correspond with chapters) 3.    RESEARCH OBJECTIVES and Statement of Problems   4.    LITERATURE REVIEW (Should be fairly extensive and cover the major as well as most recent works. Provide […]

Practice Planning

In Chapter 10, our texts suggests the following be in place at every practice. ? Date, time and length of practice ? Objective of the practice ? Equipment needed ? Warm-up ? Practice of previously taught skills ? Teaching and practicing new skills ? Cool-down ? Coaches’ comments ? Evaluation of practice For this assignment, […]

A Quantitative Study on the Perceptions of High Schools Coach-Athlete Relationship

Purpose of the Study Length: Do not exceed 1 page Study Method: Quantitative Research Method Design: Correlational Study Steps  1.    Begin with a succinct purpose statement that identifies the study method, design, and overarching goal: “The purpose of this [identify research methodology] [identify research design] study is to [identify the goal of the dissertation that […]

Golf Swing Movement 

For the midterm you will be writing a 750 word paper in APA format and please use 3 outside resources and properly quote from these sources with no more than 20 percent of your paper citing outside material. Please read my comments some of you copied 50 to 90 percent of your paper and this […]

Why youth football in America is a privilege

In one minute explain the problem and for 2 minutes explain the solution Explain why soccer academies in America are more expensive than soccer academies in Europe, use Zlatan Ibrahimovic example on his children.  In Europe people have much more access at a lower cost also because it is more a street game than an […]

Research Short Paper

Please Review Module Seven Short Paper rubric Please be sure to address the critical elements Please provide two other examples from 2 additional sources I will attach my research question papers to help with critical point #2 (Files are Research introduction, literature review and Research Design)

Individual Sport Analysis

(Assignment number 2) Individual Sport Analysis – Student will select a sport of their choice [basketball] and create a hypothesis statement.  Then download data from a qualified data source, statistically analyze the data, and test the statistical analysis to their hypothesis statement. Write an approximate four page paper (APA format) that describes: – Sources and […]

aerobic exercise

Explain lactate threshold and its relationship to aerobic exercise. 300 words, 3 or more sources needed.