Multiple Regression Analysis

*No title page needed*Update all citations*Add or delete the content as deemed necessary*All content needs to be updated and relevant to topic variables*Edit all research questions for the following:*Clear and focused. the question should clearly state what the writer needs to do.*Not too broad and not too narrow. The question should have an appropriate scope.*Researchable.*Analytical […]

Average Gasoline Prices

A new york newspaper reported the average gasoline prices in four metropolitan areas and used a bar chart to illustrate the differences.What type of statistics was shown?What activities did the newspaper use to make the report

Frequency Table

Suppose that you have two sets of data to work with. The first set is a list of all the injuries that were seen in a clinic in a month’s time. The second set contains data on the number of minutes that each patient spent in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. You can […]

Population Data

Find and record the pulse rate of 10 different people where you work. Tell us a little about the population from which you drew your data. Describe your findings in terms of central tendency and variability.Consider using some of the following to help you form your initial discussion post:What are your measures of central tendency […]

Random Variable is Discrete or Continuous

Determine whether the given random variable is discrete or continuous.1.thenumber of mobile phones sold in one week in AB store.2.the weights in pounds of newborn babies in a hospital nursery.3.the number of cars in a parking lot every noon.4.the number of gifts received by a birthday celebrator5.the heights of varsity players in your school in […]

Scores Probabilities

John registered for three subjects in this trimester, including Mathematics,History and Economics. He personally feels that the probability for him to pass the Mathematics test (M) is 0.9, History test (H) is 0.6, and Economics (E) test is 0.8 respectively. Assume that the probability he would pass in his test isindependent to each other. (i) […]

Probabilities and z Scores

. 14. Researchers take a sample of 100 adult menfrom northwest Indiana and measure theircholesterol. They want to know how this samplecompares with the national average cholesterolscore for adult men: [.1 = 208, o = 15, N = 100, M =205. What is the probability of obtaining a samplemean of 205 or lower? Is this […]

Analyzing Statistics through Critical Thinking and Values”

I need 200 words Initial Post and two replies of 50 words each. I attached the chapter 2. Due in 12 hours. No Plagiarism.Choose one of the questions from “Social Justice Across the Curriculum” in Chapters 1 or 2 from the textbook,“Analyzing Statistics through Critical Thinking and Values”. or find 2 math websites that relate […]

The Tasty Sub Shop Case:

The Tasty Sub Shop Case:A business entrepreneur uses simple linear regression analysis to predict the yearly revenue for a potential restaurant site on the basis of the number of residents living near the site. The entrepreneur then uses the prediction to assess the profitability of the potential restaurant site.AndThe QHIC Case:The marketing department at Quality […]

Select at least three variables that you believe have a linear relationship.

Select at least three variables that you believe have a linear relationship.Collect the data for these variables and describe the data collection technique and why it was appropriate as well as why the sample size was best.Find the Correlation coefficient for each of the possible pairings of variables and describe the relationship in terms of […]