Theatrical Biography

It is to be a typewritten, double-spaced research paper, with a minimum of a six complete pages of text. Use 12 point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins on all sides. Use a cover/title page.The page before the bibliography should include links to video, audio, and images. Reference your paper properly. Have a minimum […]

Topdog Play Study

So this week, we studied the playwright Suzan Lori Parks and her award winning play Topdog/UnderDog. In her play, she sets up a very tragic world of two African American brothers living in a small room in a large urban city. These two brothers are named Lincoln and Booth – named that as a joke […]

Short Response on Modern Theatre

Please describe realism in paragraph 1. And anti-realism in paragraph 2. Then using specific styles (naturalism, realism, expressionism, theatre of cruelty, theatre of the absurd) specific  playwrights, to illustrate and support your points to COMPARE  realism and anti realism. Then CONTRAST realism, anti-realism, in paragraph 4. TOTAL OF 4 PARAGRAPHS.

writing a play

you should watch the play from Chabot College. Your original post should be about 200 words The plays you use for reports must have been seen no earlier than one month before the semester started. A play that you saw SEVEN months ago, for example, will not be accepted for these assignments. Music concerts and […]

Choose a play

-times new roman font  -12 inch  criticize in two pages one of this plays , this are the plays you can pick which ever one is easier  Cabaret. Little Shop of Horrors Rent.

Romeo and Juliet

The body of the critique should include specifics concerning why you did or didn’t like the production.  Things to comment on might include the acting, was it believable?  Were some performers stronger than others? Why were they stronger?  What made others weaker?  What did you think about the direction of the play?  Did it appear […]

All my sons

This play its called All my Sons -Arthur miller (Digital Theatre) Using paper space to write your experience arriving at the theatre, historical research on the play, the weather the day of the play, how cold it was in the theatre, or other extraneous information will lower your grade. Additionally, an overlong introductory and/or concluding […]