Terror in Mumbai Documentary

After you view the video above, share your thoughts on the video, and what impacts you feel it’ll have on tourism. Specifically, outline implications to train travel, iconic landmarks, and city centers. What can be done to combat the effects of these impacts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQTwYA27O14

Resort International and Accor Hotels

CHAPTER 4 – UNDERSTANDING AND ENGAGING CUSTOMERS   Your project plan will focus on COVID-19 and the Tourism Industry through the lens of a chapter topic (CHAPTER 4 – UNDERSTANDING AND ENGAGING CUSTOMERS).  We focus on Hospitality so all our examples/research must be about hotels. Our project will be cohesive if we narrow down our research on these 2 […]

 Tourism Impacts in Communities around the World

Within this option, you have the opportunity to choose one of the three following topics among tourism industry’s impact in a country (USA, Turkey, Jamaica etc.), a series of countries or places (countries in the Mediterranean region, Caribbean or South Eastern region of the USA including the SC) and write a minimum of eight (8) pages professional […]