Challenges to Maintaining the Republic

Investigate various challenges (Civil War, Reconstruction, Manifest Destiny, Great Depression/New Deal, Civil Rights Movement, etc…) the United States has faced in maintaining the republic. Based upon your investigations, choose one of these challenges and create a research design that includes a proposal, annotated bibliography, and an outline/abstract. Your research question should be centered on how your chosen challenge affected the relationship between the American people and their government. Proposal: Write a 200-300-word synopsis of your chosen research question based on the challenge that you chose. Informative Annotated Bibliography: Find a minimum of eight sources, half of which must be primary sources, that support your research question. Discuss how each source supports or contradicts your research question. Please see the GCU Student Success Center resource, Preparing Annotated Bibliographies for additional information. Research Summary: Write a 500-750-word summary based upon your research and revise your research question. Did the sources you find change your research question in any way?

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