Change Model Chart

Assignment ContentTo prepare for the Week 2 Assessment, consider a past or current professional experience where a culture change was needed.Using the Organizational Change Chart, outline information about the experience and organization following Kotter’s 8-Step to Change Model as a guiding line.Kotter’s 8-Step Change ModelStep One: Create Urgency.Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition.Step Three: Create a Vision for Change.Step Four: Communicate the Vision. Step Five: Remove Obstacles.Step Six: Create Short-Term Wins.Step Seven: Build on the Change.Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture.For this assignment, please fill-in the Excel Spreadsheet provided to discuss the requirements. A title page and introduction and conclusion are not required. However, include a reference section on the bottom of your spreadsheet with citations and references as required to cite information that is quoted or paraphrased– example, the vision and mission statements. Also, make sure that you score each criterion and provide suggestions for improvement even if the category or change is ranked as a 5 to demonstrate a goal of continued improvement.

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