Change Reflection

Reflect upon (think about) how you and your writing have changed as a result of this course. Change can be evidenced by personal growth or acquisition of new skills, among other things. You might begin reflection by attempting to generate a list of ten or more statements that you can make about the difference between you/your writing at the beginning of the course and the present. Create your Portfolio Give careful consideration to the choice of five primary sources of your own original writing after reading Chapter 24, pages 626-629. Choose five pieces of writing (minimum) that you have completed for this course as primary sources for your reflection. They can include Writing samples, assignment responses, discussion board responses, essays, etc. These five pieces of writing will be submitted as your “portfolio” (either as attachments or pasted directly) to your wiki page for the Final Exam Wiki.  Write your Reflection Choose one statement that most clearly expresses the most significant change in you/your writing for your reflection. Use journaling, looping, or questioning to aid you in your reflection and the final analysis (pages 428-429). Compose an approximately 1400-1600 word reflection on change.  Include for your analysis/reflection the writing that you completed very early in the semester as well as your more recent pieces.  For more information on Change Reflection  read this:

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