Changes in Humanities

Please write a 2 page, double spaced paper addressing your desired prompt. just choose one prompt for the essay

1 Prompt: What Makes a Good Leader
One of the major themes of Macbeth are qualities that make a good leader. Using examples and quotes from the book, please discuss what attributes make a good leader and what attributes make a poor leader and how you can apply this to your life.

2 Prompt: “Because Survival is Insufficient”

At the beginning of the semester you read some articles about how the Humanities can be found in other areas of study. In this semester we have gone from full on quarantine, to partial quarantine, to everything in-between now. Once your food, water, and shelter are taken care of, what else are you doing with your life? How is survival not enough to make it through life?

In a 2 page double-spaced essay, please discuss how your thoughts about Humanities have changed over the semester and how “Survival is Insufficient” as you are living in this time of pandemic.

You may include the following ideas:

– As you have been quarantined at home, especially, how have the arts blessed your life?

– How has your understanding and appreciation for the arts/Humanities changed over the semester, now that you know more of what you are looking at, or able to identify?

– What choices are you making about the arts/Humanities that you are letting into your life that you might not have made before this class?

– When the quarantine is ended, how are you going to continue to include the arts/Humanities in your life? Why is it important for you to do so?

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