Chapter 10 Police System

part 1 only site from the book! Text: Police in America, Steven G. Brandl. Sage Publications, Inc., 2018. ISBN #: 978-1-4833-7913-5. Read Chapter 10 and answer questions #2, 5, and 10. Each question must be answered with a minimum of 5 sentences using proper grammar, punctuation and make sense. I don’t want to see any abbreviations, misspelled words, or punctuation errors. Please proofread all work prior to submission. All borrowed quotes, whether in entirety or partial, shall be cited, using APA style part two one site from the web site! Websites Seven Ways to Prevent Police Suicide by Focusing on Overall Officer Well-Being This Internet article discusses early warning signs and realistic interventions to prevent police officer suicides. Choose a web resource at the end of your chapter, located under the Discussion Questions. Explore the website and what the resource offers and summarize your findings with a minimum of 10 sentences. Some helpful questions you may want to address: -What the website offers -What the organization is about and how it was started -Who funds the organization -How the organization is useful in today’s world -What you learned from the website that you didn’t already know -How will you use the information gleaned from viewing the website Points will be deducted for failure to meet the minimum sentence requirement, improper grammar and punctuation, and irrelevant information used to fill minimum sentence requirements.

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