Characteristics of Writing Professional Letters

Q1: Discuss three important characteristics of writing professional letters, memos or emails and explain what makes them sound professional.

Q2:Explain why an audience analysis is helpful to someone starting a writing project. (15 points)

Describe the steps you would take to conduct an audience analysis. (10 points)

Q3: What are the three types of definitions, and what is included in each? (15 points) 

What are three methods to create an extended definition? (10 points) 

Q4: “Effective writing is more than just choosing the right words. And it’s more than correct sentences organized in logical paragraphs. To be effective, your document must also look like it will be easy to read and easy to understand, and it must be accessible to all your readers regardless of their physical abilities”

Respond to the above excerpt by explaining why document design is so critical in professional and technical communication. You can discuss this in the context of your current or aspired profession and/or in the context of higher education (i.e., documents you work with on a regular basis in your major). (10 points)
Identify five basics of document design. In your own words, describe why these five aspects are important to consider when designing documents. (15 points)

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