Chemical Structure

The drug and is properties Chemical name, proprietary name, if any. Chemical structure. Identify the functional groups present Boiling point/Melting point, if applicable Any other know properties. Symptoms the drug used for. Brief history of the drug- What was used before the drug became available. Who developed the drugs first. When did it become available. Why is the drug the choice for use for the symptom. Any previous drug it has replaced and why. Mechanism of action How is the drug sold (solid, liquid, over the counter/prescribed or none). What is the constituent of the formulation, if applicable (liquid, solid. gas and any non-active ingredients). Side effects of the drug. Any alternative drugs in the market for the same symptom. References (if using wikipedia, make sure to reference the original ar- ticles quoted, and in order of appearance in the the presentation) Prepare a 3-5 page report with figures and references on the material used for presentation. The font size should not be more than 12 and spacing should not exceed 1.5. number all the figures and references. Provide short description figures, highlighting the message the figure conveys.

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