Chemicals in Food and Water

Today people are putting chemicals in food and water. The chemicals in food and water can give people illness or even death. We are the main problem by using it in everything we use but there can be good, like using it in the water we drink to make it clean. Another thing we use chemicals in everyday food to keep the food fresh or to keep pest or insects off our food so we use crop dusting that drop pesticides on our food can do more harm than good.Pollution can count as a chemical because it is caused by chemicals in the water, land, and air. The main source of water pollution is high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, the main source is a fertilizer called Runoff (1). How the pollution gets into the water is by the rain carrying it into the water. Runoff is poisonous to drinking water and aquatic wildlife. It can cause humans and animals to harm their bodies.We also have Land pollution. It is caused by heavy amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and metals in the soils. These mostly help plants grow excuse use of them in crop yield and the remainder that can’t be absorbed into the earth can be carried into rivers, lakes, and oceans. Another way of land pollution is when the animals eat the chemicals then we eat the animal with the chemical.Air pollution is the most dangerous. It can cause someone who has asthma to have an asthma attack. Air pollution is mostly caused by gases like Greenhouse, coal plants, methane, carbon dioxide, acid rain, and car gas. Some of these help with global warming and many diseases.Pollution disease or illness is caused by different chemicals and pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere or in the water we drink. Gastrointestinal problems can happen when infections caused by toxic bacterial strains. Nervous system problems are caused by ingesting food with organophosphate pesticides which have neurotoxic chemicals. People can get cancer from pollutions such as chlorinated, solvents, benzene, and arsenic.How can we help stop pollutions and chemicals? We can take a stand against factory farming ecological destructiveness by becoming a vegan it is a lot more heather and saves animals. You can support organic farmers and you can also eat organic food to prove your health and reduces the number of chemicals that farmers use. These are some of the things that chemicals and pollutants in food and water and how they get there. There are some diseases or illnesses of chemicals and pollutants that can cause serious harm to your body. Lastly is how to help with pollutants in your body and lower than and to have a healthier lifestyle.

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