This is a feedback for this file please edit all. I also provide data uploaded the guideline  please follow the instruction.  2 references also here you can use: mass of maleic anhydride(g): 1.20 mass of butadiene sulfone(g):2 the table I uploaded should be complete in calculation part There is not an introduction for this paper, please refer to the report rubic found on pilot. You are to be writing a purpose statement (2-3 sentences, 4 max). Why is your reaction scheme pasted over top of half of your writing? It needs to be properly formatted and introduced as has been stated multiple times prior for reports. I can’t read half of what you have in due to the fact that the image is blocking it. Reaction scheme is drawn incorrectly, the reaction is between butadiene sulfone and maleic anhydride, 1,3 butadiene is made from heating the butadiene sulfone. All of this data is to be given in tables, starting weights, final weights, etc. Where are these mol values coming from? You need to show full stoichiometry (g/mL of starting material converted to g of product). These equations must be properly formatted and introduced. Why is this image randomly in the middle of your table? Table needs to be properly formatted and introduced. Your table makes no sense, why are their numbers in the IR bond column? This is where you should be indicating the IR stretch present. What are these values you have written in the remaining columns? These are not the wavenumber values that we discussed during the lab session.  Where is your discussion section? This is where you need to be explaining the IR data and other data collected and how/what determinations were made from this data. This is the bulk of a lab report, it is where the scientific reasoning is to be explained to validate the successfulness of an experiment.  What results? You have to explain and use the crucial data that support your statements. This conclusion should be including relevant IR data and the melting point analysis that validates the formation of the desired product and proves your determinations made from the discussion section. Your procedure is not properly cited, nor do you even have the lab manual in your references. Your literature IR data must each be cited to the source they are obtained from. Where are the mechanisms? Where is your literature search?

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