Child Abuse

PASSAIC COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGESO 105 Social ProblemsProfessor Rojas’ Written AssignmentSteps1.Pick a social problem that you are interested in researching2.Get the topic approved by the Professor3.Complete the Information Literacy Project which is in a separate document(Look for resources that you can use in your paper)4.Paper ContentsA)Define the Social Problem 1.Identify the social problem (1-2 paragraphs)2.How are you affected by this problem? (1 paragraph)B)Comparison of Theoretical Perspectives 1.Define the problem using each of the THREE theoretical perspectives (3 paragraphs)2.Which theoretical perspective do you prefer in explaining this social problem and why? (1paragraph)C)Solutions1.Identify at least one solution to the problem using EACH theoretical perspective.2.What are some societal obstacles that would make these solutions unattainable (1paragraph)D)Personal Opinion and Critique on the Problem and its Solution1.Defend your position on this problem using a theoretical perspectiveEstimated length of paper/project is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, APA OR ASA format..PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR STUDENT HANDBOOK REGARDING PLAGIARISM. COPYING WORD FOR WORD IS A CRIME!!! YOUR WORK WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISMPLAGIARISM CAN REFLECT IN A FAILING GRADE ON YOUR PAPER.PLEASE INCLUDE ALL REFERENCESWIKIPEDIA and ELECTRONIC DICTIONARIES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE RESOURCES

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