Child Marriage

6-8 pages in length (minimum 6 FULL pages of writing) Academic voice and tone (No use of “I” or “you”) Must include at least 6 secondary, academic sources (6 from the library databases) and can use more secondary non-academic sources Must include at least ONE primary source* An argumentative thesis statement and clear organization of your ideas An arguable thesis statement that answers your larger research question.( What are the consequences and causes of child marriage & Does child marriage lead to adverse health problems among young people?) Claims that support your thesis statement. Paragraphs that follow a logical order in your paper. Evidence in the form of quotes or paraphrases that back up your claims. Reasoning and analysis: Explaining how your evidence backs up your claim and has deeper relevance of the source to your topic. Audience awareness: Incorporating a formal tone and objective third-person voice to persuade your audience A minimum of 6 academic secondary sources from the library research databases. (You may use other sources, such as a podcast, a video or movie, or a blog, but a minimum of 6 must be academic secondary sources through the library.) At least 1-2 primary sources, in the form of a Personal Interview, a survey, or observation of a primary text*. Correct MLA citations for all quotes or paraphrases

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