Child Psychology

“Discussion In a family, casual restaurant , a family of 6 were seated for Sunday lunch: 2 parents, 2 grandparents, a boy 5 and a girl 6 years old. Upon being seated both, mother placed ipads in front of both children .Mentioning Vygotsky’s theory, the youngest child received support from the mother, while the daughter was on her on. Using our theories in development, I’ll continue to describe the event.(note that I did not stay until the end of their visit) Both Freud and Erickson would agree the children are dependent upon external events. Both would agree that personality and social developments proceeds in stages. Piaget would agree that concrete operations are developmental and approve of learning at every opportunity (considering todays fractured school days). Bandura would agree that behavior is modeled in environments and both children received the message ‘be quiet’. The Behavioral theorist would disagree in reference to communication and language skills. If children are not encouraged to communicate in family settings and often discouraged in classrooms, where will children get the experience to communicate and express their ideas verbally? Bronfenbrenner would question the children’s exclusion from the family outing as language developmental is experiential. “Your opinion is required in evaluating this social situation using models from our theory of development in Chapter 2. Reference to Theory of Mind p225. Parenting styles deserve comments in your responses. Positive point is the children were not left home with a sitter.”

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