Child Psychology

use the notes and the rubric to write the paper answer the question:Age group I will focused on is toddlers. (1)   Discuss your experience in raising this Virtual Child. Consider the age groups we focused on in this class: infants/toddlers, early childhood, middle childhood. Be specific. (2)   The answers you gave to the questions/scenarios posed impacted your Virtual Child’s course of development. Were there areas in which your child struggled? Were there areas in which your child excelled? Did anything surprise you? Can you see how responding to the questions/scenarios in a different manner could have had a different impact on development? Discuss. (3)   A potential benefit of the Virtual Child experience is that it can help you to apply what you are learning/reading about to “real” life. What concepts, theories, theorists did this experience help you to better understand? Be specific. (4)   Relate your discussion to information from the text and/or other scholarly courses. Support statements made with research and appropriate citation.

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