China-Taiwan Issue

Write 15 pages with APA style on China-Taiwan Issue. Preventing Taiwan from going independent is totally critical to the legitimacy or authenticity of the communist regime of China (Lynn, 2005, p415). Chinese leaders are of the opinion that their own nationalistic people will overthrow them should they allow Taiwan to go independent.This issue has attracted mixed reactions from international organizations and communities. The supporters of Taiwan independence maintains that ROC has never been part of PRC because Taiwan is an independent, sovereign state. One such country is the United States of America. The US supplies Taiwan with arms and provides military training to the ROC Armed forces (Black, 2007, p128). On the other hand, supporters of Chinese reunification maintain that Taiwan is part of China because the Civil War is not over since no peace deal has been signed. They claim that the political separation that exists is temporary, and the ROC and PRC will be reunified (Sanford, 2009, p10).The actual conflict between Taiwan and China has been fueled by the Taiwan Relations Act passed in 1979. The Act was established to fight communism and help spread capitalism and globalization, a policy that communist China is against because the Act permits the US to come to the defense of Taiwan should any outside nation attack it (Wallace, 2007, 69).Due to its ability to strengthen China strategically, PRC has sworn that it will keep Taiwan under its jurisdiction using whatever power that is required. This issue is significant to the international community because it is likely to spur the war between the two countries. The PRC is likely to use force to bring Taiwan under their jurisdiction. Taiwan is also likely to engage in risky behavior that precipitates an attack. This would destabilize Asia, drag the US into a regional conflict, and destroy the Taiwan economy. PRC has listed things that are likely to provoke a war.

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