Chinese Questions Paper

Answer all of the questions separately for one page, do not write any student/professor/instructor, any formats like them.   Q1. What is “on-the-spot realism” and why is it important to new Chinese documentary practice? Please use at least two films to discuss its aesthetics and politics. Q2. How do you understand the “self-other” (maker-subject) relationship in documentary filmmaking? Please use at least two examples to illustrate Chinese new documentary filmmakers’ contribution to this topic. Q3. Since the 2000s, documentary practices present some diversified trends other than the “on-the-spot realism” and observational mode. Please pick one aspect of this change and use solid examples to analyze its new documentary language and politics. Q4. Please compare I Wish I Knew / Jia Zhangke (2010) and Viva Tonal – The Dance Age / Chien Wei-si and Kuo Chen-ti (2009) and discuss how these two documentary films provide an alternative way for historical imaginary.

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