Chronic Care Management

After you read over the slide presentation posted for this weeks about some of the macro trends affecting the US healthcare system, think about how those trends may be affecting the future of the healthcare profession.  For example, what do you think about these following future possibilities? Chronic Care Management companies take charge of care that keeps these folks out of the hospital as much as possible.Geriatric Care Management companies use mobile technology as an alternative to institutionalization of old people. Companies reduce the cost of care by moving services currently provided in a hospital to out in the community. New mobile, robotic, and AI technologies become standard tolls for improving quality by reducing variations in the provision of healthcare services.The overall healthcare marketplace remains nervous as it faces major changes in the Medicare program and the still unclear future of the Affordable Care Act, so it keep looking for all kinds of new ways to do more with less. These questions are intended to get our thinking started.What else do you see in the future of our profession as healthcare managers and administrators?

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