Civil Rights

Please do not use references from Wikipedia. PLEASE USE CIVIL RIGHTS- here are some suggestions  MICHELLE ALEXANDER,  VAN JONES,  JOHN LEWIS MELANIE CAMPBELL Using the Internet, research a significant person that was/is an advocate against inequality. Choose a person that has had an impact on promoting equality whether through philanthropy, civil rights, teachings, or lifestyle.  Answer the questions below on this worksheet. List any sources used at the end of the worksheet. Provide citations for any quoted material. You should provide at least 500 words of content for this assignment. Where possible also add a picture of the activist.   1. Introduce the person. Discuss what led him or her to become an advocate.   2. Discuss which of the sociological views (i.e., conflict, interactionism, or functionalism) help explain the type of inequality being addressed by the advocate. 3  Did his or her advocacy invoke a change and/or influence others? Discuss why or why not.   4. What lessons do you believe we can take away from this person and apply today?

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