Civil Rights Movements

Discuss three key strategies the Civil Rights Movement from 1955-1965 used to advance freedom for Black people in the US. Focus on solid examples from the text to make your argument. Summarize the examples and explain (in at least a paragraph for each one) You can include information from outside sources, but it is not necessary to do well on this assignment. You should discuss how the examples you choose show strategies (legal, direct action, etc) that moved the Black freedom struggle forward and how they did so. Your first paragraph should be a basic intro of who you are and what you’ll be arguing. Subsequent paragraphs should focus on the examples you chose from the PDFs of When and Where I Enter, video from Eyes on the Prize, or sections of Peniel Joseph’s Waiting ‘Til the Midnight Hour book. If you only use our assigned texts, you can simply introduce the text/video as part of your letter and then refer to specific page numbers that you quote from/cite.ChatsT

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