Civil War

Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, ~800–1,000 words, Chicago Style Format For this paper, use the readings from Weeks 6-11, as well as reputable outside sources, to answer the following prompt:Was the Civil War Civil? Much of the conflict between the Union and Confederate forces came from individuals that consider themselves American, linking their history to the Thirteen Colonies and the American Constitution. Most of the men (and the few women) who took part of the war effort were more similar than not. Yet, as we discussed, political, social, economic, and moral motives greatly differed from region to region. The victory in the Civil War would redefine what it meant or who could be considered to be an American. Thus, with the great differences in principles, especially with the enslavement of People of African Descent, the stakes of the war were large. So, in short, were the battles and the rhetoric of the war a simple disagreement of legal principles, or did the war exposed deeper issues about American Society?I highly suggest utilizing the sources of Module 7: Oct. 5 – Oct. 11 alongside other course materials to show multiple perspectives of the war  (attached PDFs)PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TO HELP DEVELOP THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR PAPER! To receive a high grade:·  Develop an Introduction that:o  Explains the basis of the paper – BACKGROUND TO YOUR THESIS§  Address the time, place, and topic you are writing about  Directly answer the prompt with a strong sentence at the end of this paragraph – THESIS§  State your argument for the essay§  Provide an overview of how you will organize your thoughts and sources §  Connects all plot points of the paper§  Highlight key details that will be discussed in the paper·  Write body paragraphs should organize around the main idea included the topic sentence. The following sentences should refer to evidence to support that main idea. – EACH BODY PARAGRAPH SHOULD ADDRESS A SINGLE TOPICo Each paragraph should show an in-depth analysis of the evidence provided – USE EVIDENCE AND CITATIONSo  These paragraphs should demonstrate unique arguments and ideas – PROVIDE ORIGINAL ANALYSIS OF YOUR SOURCES TO CONNECT IT BACK TO BOTH THE TOPIC SENTENCE AND THE THESIS·  Make a conclusion that summarizes the essay’s ideas and suggest connections to course themes  Bring it all together – SHOW HOW ALL YOUR POINTS ANSWERS THE PROMPTo  What are some lasting consequences of the arguments and ideas discussed·  Respect Spelling, Grammar, Citations Rules  Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, Chicago Format—Notes:·  Since this is a history course, we will use the Chicago Manual of Style. The following links are perfect to learn the format:o (Links to an external site.)o (Links to an external site.)·  Outside sources may be used to help answer the prompt. These sources are restricted to academic articles and monographs. If you are not sure if potential sources qualify for this paper, please reach out AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE!o  Acceptable sources can be found through databases like JStor (Links to an external site.) and Project Muse (Links to an external site.)§  Use (Links to an external site.) to access library resources remotely  Unacceptable sources are cable news websites, websites that synthesize but do not provide sources, blogging sites, etc.§  PLEASE DO NOT USE HISTORY.COM, WIKIPEDIA, ETC.

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