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Religion Class Classmate Courtney, the religious study of Judaism is important because if we don’t continue to learn and educate ourselves, the old saying “history repeats itself” is true. We must never forget the Holocaust, the history, the survivors and their stories. I’ve actually visited the Holocaust museum in person when I lived in D.C. It’s an eye opening and shocking experience to say the least. It’s one thing to learn about it and another to see it and meet and talk with people who lived through it. After visiting the website, it took me back to my visit in D.C. I learned that Nazi doctors began experimental medicine where they tested out theories on twins and who they considered the genetically impaired. I also learned that 2100 Jews were saved and taken to safety before the mass killings began. To continue supporting the efforts of continuing holocaust awareness people can donate to the museum. The museum is still researching facts and information in addition to what we already know to preserve the historical importance of this time Jewish history. There are still people out there who claim the Holocaust did not happen and only perpetuate antisemitism. The museum offers and entire section detailing how these claims only set back history. The end of the museum offers insight from survivors themselves and there are several exhibits that preserve the historical nature from people’s personal experience and witnesses. Hitler had very strong prejudices towards people that were extremely unwarranted and will never be tolerated ever again. This type of genocide toward people who didn’t fit his mold will never exist again if we continue to educate ourselves and stand up for what’s right as human beings. Classmate Luka. This week I am chose to focus on Option B and educate myself further on the events of the Holocaust and learn what Holocaust denial is. Holocaust denial or distortion is a form of antisemitism that belittles the struggle and suffering of over six million Jewish individuals. As stated on the United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum website, during the explanation of Holocaust denial video, the Holocaust was the best documented genocide in the world. There is evidence of this genocide in numerous forms, survivors with stories and a permanent tattoo that documenting what concentration camp they were assigned to, various concentration camps, the most notorious being Auschwitz. Without embracing history and learning from it and teaching it to others, we are doomed to repeat the same mistake. There are many ways today that we are remembering all those lost during the holocaust and educating others on this terrible era in world history, the most powerful for me is the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. While I lived in Maryland, I made it a point to go and visit this museum and it is a very sobering experience. The most impactful thing for me here was seeing all the photos of individuals upon arrival to various concentration camps and their deterioration during their stay and how inhumane they were treated in these filthy camps. These museums are a great way to educate people of the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust. There is also a holiday that is celebrated throughout the world but at different times throughout the year called Holocaust Remembrance Day that is dedicated to those who  lost their lives to the Nazi’s, as well as honor the survivors and celebrate their rescuers. Anne Frank documented her life in hiding in Amsterdam for two years in great detail in her diary that was published after her death, this diary has become one of the best-selling books and studied in many schools across the U.S.

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