Client Role

using your client role play you did for disclosure, you, write this report using the worksheet.  Some added information maybe made up in order to complete this accurately. According to Hamilton-Wentworth CAS. once a call is received by the Children’s Aid Society the telephone Intake worker will ask for the following information from the caller:  What is the family name, address and phone, if possible?  Who is the child or children of concern?  What information does the caller have? What is the cause of their concern?  How do they know this information?  Is it first hand or second hand?  How long has the issue of concern been going on.  Is it current, i.e., still happening or is it about an incident(s) from the past?  If the person calling wishes to remain anonymous, we ask what their relationship is to the child/family. This helps us to assess the credibility of the information being given to us by the caller.  We do encourage professionals (i.e. teachers, doctors, day care providers, etc.) to tell us their name. Professionals are obligated by law under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act of Ontario is to report suspected abuse. Where is the child at the time of the call, i.e., school day care, home etc. Private consultations are available to callers. A professional or anyone calling to report child abuse can ask for a private consultation over the phone. This consultation allows the caller to anonymously give us non-identifying information about the child or family and a brief scenario on why they are calling. Through the process of this private consultation, we can recommend whether or not the caller should report. Once report is completed submit

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