Climate Change

Structure of the paper:This paper will have a title page, abstract, a body, at least two captioned figures, a summary, and a bibliography.Note – figures should be on the same page that you make reference to them.City that is mentioned is Seaside oregon:How has the climate of your area changed over the past 150 years?How is it expected to change by the end of this century?What potential climate impacts (e.g. increased droughts or floods, rising sea level, shifting agriculture, etc.) will most directly impact your community?Who in their population will be most and least affected by these impacts?Resources to use for each question: (use whatever is suitable)1. it have a clearly defined abstract?Does the abstract clearly identify the topic?Does the abstract list the major findings and conclusions?Is the body of the paper of significant length (3 to 5 pages)?Does the body of the paper adequately address all the questions for the topic area?Are the ideas discussed in body well organized and supported by credible sources?Are the ideas from these sources properly cited?Does the paper have at least two figures? Note – figures should be on the same page that you make reference to them.Do these figures support the text or are they largely decorative?Do the figures have captions and do these captions adequately explain the figure? Captions should be a short paragraph explaining the figure, not just a title with a figure number.Does the paper have a bibliography with at least five references?Are these references relevant to the topic, substantial, and credible?

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