Clinical Issues

Designing Models for Use of Secondary Data

2 references no older than 5 years old

Select one of the following clinical issues:

Which patient groups have the longest length of stay on a particular nursing unit?
Which patient groups are most at risk for not refilling their medications?
What are the top three areas of patient safety that should be addressed in our facility?
Is the new nursing call center effective?
What strategies in our center are most effective in retaining new nursing graduates?
Which patient groups are most likely to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge?
Are patients satisfied with the care in our neonatal unit?
Are patients satisfied with their care using newly purchased telemedicine equipment?
Then, answer the following questions pertaining to the issue you have selected:

What data would need to be collected to address the concern?
Where would you find these data? In what database or data archive?
Do you anticipate any issues with patient privacy or confidentiality? Why or why not?
What are the potential risks?
What action should be taken to safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality?
Would a project to address the issue require institutional review board or institutional review? Give reasons for your answer.
Would secondary data be sufficient to answer the question? Why or why not?

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