Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Review

Provide a critique and a summary reviewing the following articles. Only utilize articles attached to complete this paper. Be as detail and critical as possible to ensure accuracy of statements portray on each article.  These are the five articles:  Butler, A.C.. Chapman, J.E., Forman, E.M., & Beck, A.T. (2006). The empirical status of             cognitive-behavioral therapy: A review of meta-analyses. Clinical Psychology Review, 26,17-  31.               Longmore, R. J., & Worrell, M. (2007). Do we need to challenge thoughts in cognitive behavior           therapy? Clinical Psychology Review, 27, 173-187.               McMain, S., Newman, M. G., Segal, Z. V., & Derubeis, P. J. (2015). Cognitive behavioural          therapy: Current status and future research directions.  Psychotherapy Research, 25 (3),321-329.                Tomlin, D. F. (2010). Is cognitive-behavioral therapy more effective than other therapies? A     meta-analytic review. Clinical Psychology Review, 30 (6), 710-720. doi: 10.    1016/j.cpr.2010.05.00 3               Westmacott and Hunsley (2007). Weighing the evidence for psychotherapy equivalence:         Implications for research and practice. Behavior Analyst Today, 8, Issue 2.

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