Collective Conscience or Morality of a Society

1. .What role does diversity play in the strength of the collective conscience or morality of a society? Why is it so difficult to identify examples of institutional discrimination? If rules apply to everyone, shouldn’t that be enough to prevent unfair treatment? Can you give examples of institutional discrimination? Are Americans inherently ethnocentric? Do Americans always believe their culture is better than everyone else’s? Why or why not? Is multiculturalism really a bad thing, as some experts have suggested? Does it really dilute the “American identity?” Why or why not?2. Respond to 2 of your fellow students. When responding to a student’s post, be sure to use and address the following:Terms and Definitions from the chapter information from each section referencing race, ethnicity, and minority groupsThe process of creating subordinate groups prejudice and Discrimination3. Use APA 6th edition for your in-text and references. Limit website source to one and use scholarly sources.

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