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One of the major goals of this course is to encourage students to explore college resources and culture. To that end, this assignment is designed to get you out and exploring college life beyond the classroom. Attend campus activities and then report back by writing two papers documenting your experiences.   INSTRUCTIONS  During the event, or shortly afterward, take some time to organize your thoughts about what you’ve observed. When you have completed your observation, write a one-page summary of your experience.  Points (325 total) will be awarded in the following manner:   80 – Description: thoroughly describe the event   80 – Analysis: why do you believe the college puts on events like this?  120 – Personal Reflection: what did you get out of attending this event?   45 – Student followed grammar, composition, and mechanics rules; approx. 400-500 words.  Your paper should be typed, double spaced, 11-point Caliber font or 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, Word Document, not PDF and include your full name and the days/times this class meets. top of the paper, Use academic college-level English. You are encouraged to use the SLC to get feedback and assistance with composition, grammar, and mechanics. I attended  Exploring Majors and Careers Workshop, with Professor Suzanne Prior, Career Advisor at Palm Beach State College on Zoom 8/4/2020 at 11 am.  Notes from the Event attended. Recap the information reviewed during our workshop. I learned that I am in an Exploration Phase, undecided career choice. Better to take Electives in class major then take too many classes and then change major would affect your financial tuition and aid. Based on my assessments this is   My Holland Code:  Investigative= Thinker Realsitic=Doer Enterprising=Persuader My Value= Leadership, Creativity and Organizing My Interest-Gaming, EcoSystem, Research, Math is not my strength so need to avoid a career that has higher math levels courses.  My Skill- Biology the more experience I have in volunteering in my career choice or working will help me know my value decisions. in career choice.

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