Coming up with a Research Topic

At this point in the semester we have learned research methods, enhanced our analytical skills, and practiced multiple modes of communication. To utilize and advance these skills, you will be writing a research-based essay that takes a position on a focused aspect of a current social issue. You will create an annotated bibliography with your initial research, which will assist in locating and articulating the focus of and connections between the texts you use to build your argument. This part is only for you to read: You will be using books, journals, magazines, websites, and newspapers to locate the most pertinent information possible when presenting and supporting your position. Additionally, you must acknowledge and analyze at least one perspective that differs from the position you are taking within your topic. This alternative perspective may be opposite yours, or it may just be slightly different. Whatever the distinction may be, you must interpret and analyze the separation between the positions. This is the assignment, just help me do part one. Part One: Moodle Forum Posting and Responding (30 pts) As a precursor to the research assignment, post a news article (or other text) in the forum section on Moodle and pose a question to your classmates. The question should stimulate thoughtful responses (ie. “What do you think?” doesn’t count). At this point you should be thinking about which social issue you would like to work with for your research project, and I highly recommend that your post be connected to the topic you are considering. The responses you receive may assist you as you begin defining your position. • Getting started: Go to our LibGuide and browse through the databases or news sites. You may post an article, picture, comic, or video as your text. *You may also go online for this portion of the assignment. • Posting your article: Use the “permalink” when posting your article. Also, when posting your text, remember to include a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of your article that includes the author’s name, the publication, and the title. • Responses: Your responses should fully and thoughtfully respond to the question posed and offer an additional view or perspective to the conversation. Each response should be 150-250 words. ( I will give something for you to respond to in the chat.)

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