Commuication and Culture

You will select a group in society that you think is marginalized (treated unfairly or faces inequality) and correlate the study of communication and intercultural communication to it. This will be a 5-page double spaced written essay. Select a group in society that you think is treated unfairly or faces inequality. You may choose any group that you believe faces inequality. For example, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, LGBTQ, immigrants, etc.…You must be able to prove these biases from a society based on research and evidence. To begin you will define communication and the importance of intercultural communication. You may discuss the historical aspects of intercultural communication and evolution over time. Then, discuss the marginalized group you selected and correlate it to a concept/chapter in the textbook. Discuss the origins (history: when, where, and how did they start) of this cultural group and the treatment that they have received past and present (when/where/why did the inequality start). Finally, provide suggestions on how (you think) the inequality can be ended or reduced. The analysis will be a 5-page typed (double spaced) paper about the topic. Remember to include an introduction, body, and summary in the paper. Please check your grammar and spelling by using Spell Check. The paper should be in proper MLA and include a title page and works cited (bibliography for sources) page. So, you should be submitting a total of 7 pages (1 title, 5 research, 1 work cited).

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