First part:  Myers Briggs Test logiin with:  pass: 08c0da1c Write up a 450-530 word summary of the findings about you, including what you learned, what you agree with, what you might see differently, and how you think it might be useful to you in understanding how you might present yourself in searching for a job or in getting a promotion. 2nd part: – this needs to be ready as soon as possible  360-400 In a posting here for your colleagues, please discuss your experience with the Myers Briggs personality test. As I hope you realize, it is not definitive of you, but it is an exercise.  Discuss the results you received as you feel free to do so, and offer your own assessment of its accuracy. Be specific and offer brief examples of where you might agree or disagree about yourself. In some cases, you might find yourself “on the border” between one category or another. Please explain, thoughtfully and succinctly. Draw upon discussion in Ted Talk video explaining MB in your discussion. 3rd part:  Looking at the world around us, most of us perceive this period in our lives as particularly stressful. Whether it is family issues, political upheaval, Corona virus fears and lockdowns, financial stresses, getting chosen for a job or keeping one, or many other stressors, we are both dealing with stress ourselves and interacting with friends or colleagues who are under their own daily burdens. Watch this Ted Talk from Daniel Goldman – on compassion and emotional intelligence and consider his advice.  Consider what you have learned about your own M-B strengths as they relate to the workplace. 1. Imagine a stressed out boss, a job interview or a colleague in meltdown. What strengths do you possess that might help you connect with them positively? What can you do to reduce stress and improve your relationship? If you are able, consider using a real example without identifying names in your life, and describe it. Alternatively, make up an example that you can relate to based on the stresses in your life or in the lives of those around you. Describe it and discuss how you might address the situation constructively based on your own M-B strengths and the advice offered by Goldman in this Ted Talk.

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