Communication and Identity

Guidelines: Choose Three of the following questions Formulate a 1- 2 page paper for EACH answer that reflects college level writing free of errors. There must be a clear argument, supporting facts, and a conclusion in each essay . Follow standard format guidelines (1 inch margins, pagination, source citation, 12-point font, New Times Roman, double space, make sure you break up your thoughts into paragraphs) (automatic 5 point deduction if you don’t double space or use 12 font) Use as many SPECIFIC examples from the film as possible.( Minimum 5 per answer ) These examples must be from the ENTIRE movie. So if you missed a portion of it, it is your responsibility to find it elsewhere and watch it Use terms from the text to demonstrate your ability to apply concepts to your analysis of the movie. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 6 CONCEPTS FROM THE BOOK FOR EACH ANSWER . Bold your terms from the book (automatic 5 point deduction if you don’t bold terms) Type the name of the chapter before each question before you answer it or lose 5 points Make an argument in your paper which must include an introduction with thesis statement and several main points in the body of the paper and a conclusion which sums up your ideas. Avoid giving me random thoughts with little or no organization. Question Options. Choose 3 out of the 5 following questions.( Remember that each questions pertains to a certain chapter, you must only use terms from that specific chapter for that question) 1. ( CHAPTER 1 – A first look at Interpersonal Communication) Thinking about the reasons why we communicate, examine the kinds of messages that are exchanged within the movie.Write about how content and relational statements affect interpersonal relationships. What errors are made in decoding? Give examples. Describe how some characters demonstrate success and failure with communication competence. 2. ( Communication and Identity ) Describe how one character’s self concept impacts his or her communication with other characters.How are they affected by reflected appraisal and confirming and dis confirming messages? How does their lack of knowledge about cultural rules lead to communication incompetence. In what way do they manage their identity? How does their self-concept develop over the course of the movie? (Hint: look at reflected appraisal, public and private selves, self fulfilling prophecies and other terms) 3. (Perception Chapter)In order to understand the perceptual process we need to examine the gap between “what is” and what we know.Discuss how character(s) use perceptual filters to classify and attach meaning to experiences. What influences do characters have on their perception and what are the outcomes? Discuss the role that perception and stereotyping play in this movie. 4. (Emotions Chapter) The characters experience an emotional roller coaster using both facilitative and debilitative emotions.Identify an activating event and describe it in detail including the types of emotions used, fallacies engaged in and efforts to manage difficult emotions. Do they learn to manage difficult emotions during the course of the movie? What influences the character’s emotional expression? 5. ( Language Chapter) Language is so important in how we communicate and how we relay our message. Language has the power to build people up as well as tear them down. Use the terms in this chapter to explore how language is used in this movie, give some examples as to how characters interpret and misinterpret language. Give examples from three different characters and how they use language as a barrier or a bridge. Look at the conflicts that arise due to misuse of language and give me your analysis as to what could have been said differently to avoid misunderstandings.

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