Communication Process

Pick any 5 objective statements to answer in a paragraph. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 6 sentences. Use information from the chapter, and elaborate from your own knowledge and experience. Chapter 1 Describe the communication process.   Chapter 2 Describe how self-concept is formed and its role in communication.   Chapter 3 Identify factors and shape cocultural identity and describe how they play a role in communication.   Chapter 4 Explain how language is symbolic.   Chapter 5 Distinguish between the four different types of listening.   Chapter 6 Identify and describe ways in which culture and gender affect nonverbal communication.   Chapter 7 Explain what makes some communication interpersonal.   Chapter 8 Summarize the communication patterns common in high-quality friendships.   Chapter 9 What are love languages? Why can it be useful to know yours and your partner’s?   Chapter 10 Describe behaviors for finding a job that matches your skills.   Chapter 11 Describe the problem solving approach.   Chapter 12 Explain the function of the introduction and conclusion in a speech. Chapter 13 Describe the four delivery styles.   Chapter 14 Distinguish among speeches to inform, persuade, and entertain.

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