Communication Theories

you need to choose and describe your audience.  You need to understand the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of this group.  Third, you will need to identify the persuasive strategies and theories that you think will work particularly well in persuading your target audience. Fourth, you will  1) A brief statement of your persuasive goal; 2) a brief review of the research on your topic (be sure to cite your sources); 3) a brief audience analysis; and 4) a lengthy summary of the persuasive theories/strategies being used in the ad/pamphlet and a description of how and why you used these theories/strategies (note: part 4  is by far the most important part of the paper).  The paper should be organized with headings, be concise, and clear.  Grading will be based on:             – degree of theoretical understanding (knowledge of persuasion theories you used) (50%)             – degree of applied understanding of subject (ability to formulate a persuasive communication strategy grounded in theory that addresses sender, message, channel and receiver factors)(50%)

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