Community and National Resilience

Influences on Community and National Resilience In this assignment, you will evaluate the central influences on community and national resilience. Use the theories selected in the previous assignment as an input to demonstrate one of the principles of this course: theory informs policy and practice. Explain the most important influences included in the public sector, private sector, the nonprofit sector, military (without the restrictions of Posse Comitatus), and in tribal nations. Analyze influences that could be modified by a change in federal statute. Propose and defend regulatory and policy changes that would benefit the community you selected for your course project. Submission Requirements Written communication: Your writing should clearly identify where each grading criterion or part of the assignment is addressed. Your points must be logical, substantive, and relevant based on the evidence presented. The writing must be free of errors that detract from the overall message. APA Guidelines: Resources and citations are formatted according to the current APA style and format.

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