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I have selected to write about  a therapy group for muslim women that gathers the women to conduct a cooking group that centers on a specific topic or issue that revolves around the muslim community.  The goal of this project is to select a cultural context of interest related to the content of the course, provide a selected literature review regarding your population of choice, and develop a hypothetical space of healing for this population. With that in mind, there are two parts to the assignment. First, write a paper that includes a concise literature review of the specialized area using APA style. Use peer-reviewed research articles and expert opinion resources to outline your topic. Three to five pages should be sufficient for this brief review, using at least 5 peer-reviewed sources (e.g., PSYCINFO). Once you have written a concise literature review, you will then write about a hypothetical healing space for the population you have chosen. Your paper must address the following questions: a) What is the space and where would it be?, b) Who is it for and who is running it?, c) What is the mission statement or purpose/objective, d) Why is it necessary? e) What are potential barriers? The entire paper should be between 5-7 pages. EXAMPLE. ( topics include a Black women’s therapy group that focuses on parenting, mental health and stereotypes or a community dance center that services young women of color.)

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