Community Notification

The risks and benefits of community notification (e.g. sex offender registries, community notification of the release of a high risk offender from jail into the community)It must be 3 pages double spaced with a length of 1500 words. There must be 3 scholarly sources. (e.g. journal articles/studies). This is a research focused paper, please do not include personal opinions. Focus on content from your scholarly sources.  Additional General Guidelines for Written Assignments  All written assignments must be written in 12-point font (Times New Roman, Cambria are accepted), double spaced, with a first-line indent, and normal (2.54 cm) margins.  All assignments must have a cover page with your name and student number, the course number, a creative title reflecting the nature of the assignment, and the date of submission.  All assignments must be formatted using APA style, which includes a running head on the cover page, page numbers (starting at 1 on the cover page), and a reference page, formatted using APA referencing style. 

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