Community Teaching Plan & Evaluation

Create a board or PowerPoint presentation of important learning and resources learned throughout the course. Explain approaches to community intervention and evaluation. Implement a teaching and evaluation plan.  You will also review and give feedback to the presentation of 2 classmates. Presentation Instructions: 1. Choose one topic from the prevention strategies and intervention recommendations identified in your Community Family Assessment. 2. Develop a teaching plan, including objective, content outline, teaching method, and time in a table format. 3. Develop an evaluation plan for your teaching intervention and create a tool for feedback from your learners. 4. Implement the teaching plan and evaluation during Visit 5 of your clinical experience. 5. Summarize the outcomes of your teaching plan and evaluation. 6. Submit your teaching plan, evaluation tool, and summary Presentation Submission Instructions: Produce a video by using Studio (formerly known as Arc).  See the instructions here. Complete and submit the assignment by 23:59 Sunday. Peer Review Submission Instructions: Click here to learn how to complete a peer review assignment.

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